Franklin Lodge
Olde #4


The brothers and officers of Franklin Masonic Lodge welcome you to our lodge's home online. Our brothers are community members, business owners, leaders, and dedicated family members working to better themselves and their community through Freemasonry. The officers of our lodge make it their responsibility to see that everyone feels welcome who seeks out Franklin Lodge. 

Throughout the year our lodge hosts a number of community events dedicated to supporting our neighbors, our homes, and the cities and towns we live in. It's through this dedication that our brothers continue their search for fulfillment and accomplishment. Assisting our friends, family, and neighbors is what we do, if that's something you're interested in becoming part of, consider learning more about freemasonry below.


Matthew Middlemiss, WPM
Worshipful Master

David Iwaskiewicz, WPM
Senior Warden

Robert Coon, WPM
Junior Warden

Gerald Morong, WPM

David Baker, WPM

Nicholas Walsh, WPM
Senior Deacon

Gabriel Vittum
Junior Deacon

 Michael Sibenaller
Junior Steward

Allen Vanscoy
Senior Steward

Lawrence Rosen

Roland Bernard Legault

Jean Koegler

Erik Johnson, WPM
Assistant Secretary

Becoming  Mason

Freemasonry has one motto that has existed for decades, to be one, ask one. Do you have family members who were masons? Have you ever considered expanding your knowledge and growth by becoming a better you? Consider learning more about masonry.

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