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1/30/2019 Special Communication


A special communication of Franklin Lodge # 4, F.&A.M. was held at the Masonic Temple on North Main Street in St Albans, Vermont on Wednesday evening, January 30, 2019 for the purpose of exemplifying the Fellowcraft Degree for four candidates. The meeting was opened in due form on the 2nd degree at 7:30 PM with the following officers in the various chairs:  In attendance were Brothers Richard Thompson, WM and Christopher Leach, WPM from Seventy-six Lodge # 14.  Candidates Brothers Michael Sibenaller, Alexander McCarthy and Roland Legault were conducted into the lodgeroom and examined on their proficiency in the preceding degree. They were proclaimed to be qualified to receive the 2nd degree. The fourth candidate Bro. Allen Letourneau had been previously examined by his home lodge.  WM Scofield directed the JD to ascertain if there were any candidates in waiting. It was found the Brothers Michael Sibenaller, Alexander McCarthy and Roland Legault, together with Brother Allen Letourneau from Seventy-six Lodge #14 were in waiting for the Fellowcraft Degree. The candidates were properly received and passed to the Degree of a Fellowcraft. The following brothers recited the lectures herein indicated:  Middle Chamber Lecture              Gerald Morong, WPM Charge for the Degree                  Matthew Middlemiss Symbolism of the Degree             Gabriel Vittum Following the degree a short recess was called to allow the members present to welcome and congratulate our new Fellowcraft. Announcements: Bro. Nick Walsh, WPM reminded the brothers of the upcoming Washington’s Birthday Past Master’s Celebration that will be held on February 18th. The lodge will open at 5:30 PM when the regular lodge officers will conduct the first section of the Master Mason Degree. Labor will be suspended at 6:30 for the purpose of partaking in a ham dinner. Labor will resume at 7:30 when a Past Master’s Degree Team will present the 2nd section of the 3rd Degree. He also reminded the brothers of the upcoming Ladies at the Table Banquet that will be held on March 9th. There being no further business to come before the lodge, the meeting was closed in proper form. Respectfully Submitted,   Gerald A. Morong Secretary


Dana Scofield, WPM
Worshipful Master
Matthew Middlemiss
Senior Warden
Cedric Columb, WPM
Junior Warden
Gerald Morong, WPM
David Iwaskewicz, WPM
Senior Deacon
Nicholas Walsh, WPM
Junior Deacon
Gabriel Vittum
Senior Steward
Alan Vanscoy
Junior Steward