Erik Johnson, WPM

MarshallAssistant Secretary

Why did you join Freemasonry?

When I was 7 years old I started traveling to the East, slowly albeit. My Grandfather & Grand Uncle were both Freemasons as is father Christopher Johnson, WPM. Oxford Lodge met weekly to rehearse, my mother would usher me out of the house with my father as he went to rehearsals. This was the beginning of my interest in becoming a Freemason.

What is the most important thing you've learned or gained in Freemasonry?

The further understanding of purpose, commitment to community service, and appreciation for fraternal brotherhood. I found an organization, like scouts, that gave me an initial background on any other Freemason I ever met, albeit a stranger or not.

What is your favorite thing about Franklin Lodge?

The brothers of Franklin lodge are so passionate about their home. The lodge, beyond it's brick & mortar, but the family that's grown over centuries in this lodge. No matter it's future travels I have no doubt that this bond will survive the centuries to come.

What office/chair did you enjoy most as an officer?

While I love to lead or be there to support the leader, I have to say that Senior Deacon was one of the most rewarding positions I've had. Being the guide to candidates making their travels for the first thing has to be one of the greatest honors I've ever had.

Where are you from originally?

I'm originally from Oxford, Massachusetts.

If you're from out of state, why did you move to Vermont?

I moved here with my father's job in Milton. I wouldn't ever want to move back, Vermont & it's citizens are wonderful.

Franklin Masonic Lodge #4
142 N Main Street
St Albans, VT 05478

1st Wednesday Monthly
Dark in July & August

6:30 Dinner
7:30 Meeting

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